4 top-notch places to get amazing jerk eats in Little Jamaica

There is an undeniable flavourful smoke of jerk barbecue that infiltrates the streets of Little Jamaica 24/7.

From Keele Street to Marlee Avenue on Eglinton West, Little Jamaica is full of local businesses that specialize in authentic mouthwatering jerk barbecue.


We made a list of the must-try spots so you can get started on satisfying your jerk craving.

Judy’s Island Grill

This family-owned business originally from Clarendon, Jamaica, truly brings a taste of the island to the city. It doesn’t just specialize in serving delicious jerk dishes, it also offers other delicious Jamaican dishes. The bonus is the staff here makes a variety of homemade fresh fruit juice, peanut punch, sorrel, peanut punch, and ginger beer.

Address: 1720 Eglinton Avenue West

Hot Pot Caribbean Restaurant

Not to be confused with Chinese hot pot, Hot Pot offers delicious, sweet, tangy, tender jerk barbecue – without breaking the wallet.  Your meal will be affordable and served so fresh, that you have to pick it up from the grill outside. Legends say you can smell the authentic jerk deliciousness from Eglinton West Station.

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